A wonderful story, amazing evidence, but a life tarnished by a conflicted case of child pornography. This is The Stan Romanek Story. Maybe you’re wondering, “Who is Stan? Why is he important to my life?” Maybe not. However, it’s an interesting documentary on Netflix, and if you’re an alien lover, you’re going to love it! As always, if you haven't seen this documentary, you should know that this post is full of spoilers!


Stan Romanek is a famous ufologist. He is also the author of several books about aliens and extraterrestrial contact. He said that he was abducted by UFOs several times. They told him that he’s different and completely unique. I mean, his story is so interesting. He has all these pictures, videos, and physical evidence about his encounters with aliens.  Stan said that he’s a messenger with a clear message: peace.

At first, I was skeptical about everything. However, the documentary is really well done. You can feel the entire experience. Sometimes, you even feel like somebody is watching you from afar. The principal piece of evidence in the story is a video that Stan recorded in his own house. He is married to a very understanding woman named Lisa, who is his perfect partner. Poor Lisa has suffered a lot since the UFO sightings began on Stan’s life.

Romanek is certain that he has been abducted by UFOs at least 10 (ten) times. Using regression sessions, he discovered a lot of math equations and diagrams hidden in his memory, but the most interesting part was that he remembered being in an operating room with strange creatures that he describes as “aliens”. Also, he said that he remembered another human being there with him, a woman named Victoria. Later on, he actually met Victoria in a conference, where she was sitting, listening to his lecture. The Romanek story is definitely weird, but it’s like a fairytale too, because he has seven children, all products of those experiments. He said that the kids are a hybrid between his genes and alien genes. According to his story, the “alien kids” are small. They have big, almond-shaped eyes, and they always cry because they want Stan to stay there in that mysterious place. Stan and his wife received anonymous calls from a robotic voice with disturbing revelations about the abductions.

Stan shows the pictures from when he had really peculiar marks on his skin - some are like lines, and other ones look like small burns made by an advanced gun or radiation. My favorite part about this crazy story is the videos. All of these tapes show aliens hiding in the backyard and looking through the window in the middle of the night. I mean, it’s shocking! Almost like you were there, too! A group of academics has made their own analyses about Stan, and the conclusion was that Stan is not crazy at all. His experiences sound nuts, but have proven to be much more than a mere hoax.  This may be the best documentary that I found on Netflix in the last few months; but, this story is not finished. In 2015, the police found evidence of child pornography on Stan’s computer. He pleaded not guilty to the charge, and he affirmed that it was a conspiracy against him. He doesn’t know who is trying to set him up, but Stan is sure that the trap was to cover-up the truth about the aliens. These and other details you can find in the controversial documentary.

But for me, the truth is out there…


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